What is Ascension?

When it is linked to in the religious sense, many individuals are conflicted about what ascension implies. Ascension can signify different aspects to a lot of people. 

The term ascension's actual definition indicates the act of moving up or rising; of being raised or climbing. 

The idea of ascension could be described in various ways based on the philosophical tradition or ideology or the metaphysical structure. 

Ascension is about the Enlightenment of man's faith and soul, inner wisdom, and the evolution of man's awareness and the universe itself.

Ascension and Enlightenment

Ascension is quite identical to the Eastern notion of Enlightenment present in Buddhism. It may mean "comprehensive information of a situation" to become enlightened. 

Enlightenment is a divine awakening or deep insight into the essence and intent of all things, contact with or knowledge of God's mind or source, powerful emotional awareness, or a radically transformed consciousness under which all is viewed as a unified harmony.

Ascension means "taking heaven to earth."

In this metaphysical sense of the term, ascension does not mean that one's actual body is raised off the Earth and flies into the air, floating up into or above the sky to a physical location called 'heaven.' However, this very concept is still literally conceived by individual religious practitioners. 

But if ascension truly meant accessing heaven before dying for the sake of knowledge, then it would be more appropriate to suggest that ascension is about 'taking heaven to earth' by lifting the 'lower vibrational part of your non-physical being to a better level of being or awareness of vibration.

Understanding Ascension in an Abstract manner

Ascension can also be interpreted when contemplating the idea of 'Dimensions' or 'planes of life, or planes of consciousness' in a more abstract manner. 

Ascension is for moving from one dimension, frequency, and the plane of life or awareness (such as the 'low' material plane of the Earth to some other 'high intensity' plane, aspect, or level of mind.

Path of Ascension

The ascension is often the desired path that a person can voluntarily dedicate to walk during this experience of human life. Ascension is a way of life or a course, a deliberate decision, and a cause and a lifestyle.

If something hurts, terrible, is dangerous, or has a detrimental influence on anything, a lower vibration is recognized. Similarly, if anything feels good, is helpful, or positively affects anything, a higher vibration is considered.

Ways to Raise your vibration

  1. Eat food obtained from natural resources

Your vibration is diminished by fattier foods such as meat products, processed foods, and beer. Consuming food that does not come from nature weighs you down and thus decreases your frequency. 

Eating lighter foods, such as fruits and vegetables, that have a low karmic burden, would inevitably increase the energy levels, though. Foods that originate from nature have a lot of spiritual energy or has a burst of power.

There is far less life force strength in canned foods and meats, leaving you to feel bland and uninterested in life. Here are some things to use in your diet if you'd like to feel more vibrant:

  • Fruit and vegetables

  • Nuts and seeds

  • grains like quinoa and brown rice

  • raw dairy

  • eggs

  1. Try to find positive energy in nature

One of the easiest ways to maximize your frequency is to sit right out of your main gate. We have adapted to spend a lot of time in the sunlight. 

Still, our current lifestyles have far separated us from what our bodies require, packed with overactivity and artificial lighting. Ensure you get some fresh air for at least 15-30 minutes a day, as Vitamin D will help reduce stress and improve your immune system.

  1. Meditation and Breathing

You have to ease your breathing and go deep inside to reach your soul to lift your soul above the constrained ego. Meditation and breathing provide some practical ways to boost the frequency while offering multiple health advantages, including increased focus, lowered fatigue, and decreased risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Meditation means soothing the mind and paying enough attention to the breath that will ground you in the current moment. 

You will finally find that your pounding feelings are going to continue to dissipate, and you will have even less commitment to them. 

Many individuals encourage their emotions to haunt them. However, you'll find in meditation that you live outside your subconscious. You have beliefs, but they don't determine you.

  1. Focus on feelings such as love, kindness and get rid of rage and jealousy

In deciding our frequency, our feelings play a vital role. High emotions such as mercy and kindness make one feel lighter and more colorful, while in mind, negative emotions such as rage and jealousy trigger heaviness. 

This doesn't mean that your feelings shouldn't be honored, but don't encourage yourself to linger on them. Please enable them to move through you, and strive as best as possible to live in a joyful, caring state.

  1. Make good relationships with positive people

Don't let people take your energy away from you; make sure that you are surrounded by supportive people who can uplift you. 

Negative individuals prefer to drain resources from others when they have nothing to give themselves, so, if possible, stop these forms of energy vampires. 

Thanks to your contagious positivity, you will draw them, but it doesn't imply you have to offer them your resources and time if you don't want to.

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Benefits of the Ascension process

  • First of all, you're going to begin to get an unmistakable sense that everything in you is changing. It might be hard to understand, but you can indeed feel like you have become a different person.

  • You're going to be more mindful of your old harmful and destructive habits, and you're going to try to stop them.

  • Spiritual ascension allows you to have some of the world's worse thoughts. This is because of the sorrow that you feel as you know how much misery and hardship the world is passing through. 

  • To improve the world environment, you will get a powerful desire to use the power and wealth at your hands. Understanding all about metaphysical ascension

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