Are you empathic and take on people's energy?

Are you interested in spirituality and becoming aware of subtle energy fields?

As time passes humans are going to become more aware of the subtle energies that surround the Earth such as becoming psychic and seeing auras and and much more.

Make sure to protect your energy and your aura with triple strength orgone EMF Shields

Orgone energy disarms and repels predatory forms of life such as energy vampires of any kind.

It enhances and tunes psychic and spiritual energy by making you aware of the subtle energies in and around the human body.

In just three simple conscious breath you will begin to be able to feel the subtle energy is produced by this device as you place it in your left hand before you start mindfully meditating with it.

Orgone energy goes hand-in-hand with spirituality bringing a new clean prana, chi or life energy to places that were once stagnant.

It was said to become enlightened we do not imagine beings of light, Instead bring what is in the Darkness into the Light. 

Affordable enough to bless all your friends and family, great as gifts. Great for that spiritual person in your life who you're just not sure what to get.

Handmade Orgone Pendant Triple Strength EMF Shield | Mindful Meditation Medallion

Handmade Orgone Pendant Triple Strength EMF Shield ~ Made With Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Shungite.

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5D Ascension Orgone Pendant Triple Strength EMF Shield