Is Orgone real?

It's a topic that many researchers are beginning to explore, as the study of a well-known psychiatrist and renowned 20th-century scientist starts to arise. When you navigate the Orgone wiki, the article is alluded to as "pseudo-science," but history is incredibly confusing as we discuss it.

Orgone Energy & How It Works

The idea of Orgone energy started to be accepted by the finest scientific brains of the 20th century until Western Europe and US state agencies moved to use incarceration and censorship to prohibit scientific literature from rendering one of the significant developments of modern medicine vanish almost completely.

Who Discovered Orgone Energy?

Dr. Wilhelm Reich explored Orgone Energy. Reich was born in 1897 in Austria. He qualified as a physician of medicine from the Institution of Vienna in 1922.

Different Names in Different Cultures

Nevertheless, this energy has been recognized by civilizations all over the globe, such as Chi or Qi, by various names for generations. It is described as Kundalini in Sanskrit. Indian yoga instructors call it Prana, and it is called Ether or Vacuum energy by western cultures, Eternal Life Force, etc.

Chi Energy

Chi energy is a universal energy that gives rise to time-space itself, its substance of the material, and all of its living species. Power is divine and does not exist with our minds; however, by the chakra mechanism, the body absorbs this energy, and so it expresses itself externally.

Components of Orgone Energy

Orgone energy comprises two mechanisms.

  • Positive orgone energy.

  • Negative Orgone energy.

Why is it challenging to measure Orgone Energy by conventional Techniques?

All of these elements of the world are always in equilibrium. There is ample energy in a vacuum in separate phases of consistency and intensity, but power cannot be absent. It takes the form of theoretically isotropic and uniform fluctuations of the vacuum (quantum). This is one of the key reasons that traditional methods find it very difficult to calculate. However, actually, from this abstract world of orgone vacuum energy, everything comes naturally.

Orgone Energy Moves from lower to Higher Potential

The cause of all objects rotating in electromagnetic and gravitational regions is orgone force. Orgone power is drawn to orgone energy quantities. 

Unlike electricity or heat that often leads from a higher area of potential to a lower potential area, orgone energy flows from the lower area of potential to a place of higher potential.

Orgone Energy and Entropy

Entropy reduces as orgone energy is gradually unequally dispersed. However, it would be a fallacy to assume that the movement of orgone energy from the lowest to the highest potentials is essentially the opposite of the entropy law. 

Those thermodynamic calculations would describe those mechanisms by flipping the duration parameter symbol.

Role of Non-entropic Orgonotic Processes

Non-entropic orgonotic systems do not physically proceed; they vary entirely qualitatively from entropic mechanisms. 

In turn, they are essential for the development of all living organisms, the learning process, and the progression from basic to complex animals. 

They are vital for the development of clouds and storms in the air, and on a cosmic scale, they are accountable for the development of universes and the planets in them.

Experiments performed by Reich Revealed that Orgone Energy is a vital Energy.

Wilhelm Reich defined Orgone as binding energy that is visibly, thermally, and electroscopic ally demonstrable. 

He found that this combination would catalyze this energy if non-organic and natural materials, such as wood or cotton, were combined into layers. He built fantastic boxes of mixed walls, placing high orgone energy concentrations on his patients' bodies. 

Reich patients have been reported to be cured of multiple diseases, including highly advanced cancer and other diseases.

Devices for the Control of Orgone Energy

Dr. Reich made many devices for the control of orgone energy. 

Orgone Energy Accumulator

The orgone energy accumulator is perhaps the most popular of these. A locked box consists of a network of metallic and biological layers between which energy is concentrated. 

The organic layer of the orgone accumulator absorbs life energy from the environment and retains it. The metallic coating of the orgone accumulator both absorbs and repels the vitality of life in all fields. 

The organic layer transmits the orgone energy back to the metallic surface. The metallic coating radiates radiation to the interior has no exit.

Cloud Buster Devices

According to Reich's definitions, the cloudbuster system consists of a special handheld antenna, like a large "pipe organ," which can be targeted to various areas of the sky. 

The instrument regulates natural energy flows between the air and the earth and behaves appropriately when used in particular ways. And used correctly, the system will alter the weather immensely.

How does the Orgone device work?

An orgone may be an instrument that utilizes alternating layers in different environments with organic and non-organic components or a combination of triggered natural resin and metallic scrapings, flakes, or powders, squeezed into a mold.

This blend of resin and metal fragments is identical to the accumulators of Reich. Radiation is transferred continuously by metallic particles, and its movement increases as a result of these efforts.

How to make the energy more Coherent and specific using Orgone?

A few crystals can be inserted into the reaction mixture to make the energy more consistent and boost the primary orgone purpose. The power is cleaned and emitted out to its environment as critical and balanced energy, strengthened and balanced by the orgone combination of curing minerals.

Therefore, Orgone is simply a material that serves as an energy transmutation system that draws negative life energy and EMF emissions into successful life energy. Orgone has no external source of electricity so that it can be used virtually everywhere.

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