Triple Strength Body EMF Protection

What is orgone energy, and how it protects from EMF?

With ever-growing electromagnetic energy in the air from tablets, laptops, gaming systems, Routers, and Accessories, a growing need is needed to shield our cells and bodies from the radiation emitted by these products. 

Technology is beginning to teach us the effect of screen time, Wi-Fi, and other electromagnetic radiation on the body. 

One research reveals the distribution, which is what produces our chemicals, in the endocrine system. 

Another highlights the effect of smartphones on the growth of the brain and cancer. There are a few various systems available to shield the body from this radiation, one that is increasing in prominence globally is orgone energy, which produces a calming effect by controlling electromagnetic energy. 

Widespread symptoms of too much electromagnetic radiation include fatigue, lack of interest, and tiredness.

The Orgone Theory 

Wilhelm Reich established the hypothesis back in the 1930s, after experimentation. He claimed that the universe was made up of bioenergy life force or life energy. 

Still, his conviction was not unique traditional societies hold similar beliefs in the Chinese community that they name it Chi in India called Prana. 

In Homeopathic remedies, we call it vital force. Reiki frequently uses the power of life to cure.

Wilhelm assumed that the secret to physical and emotional balance was either positive orgone energy, negative orgone energy, or neutral. 

It creates an orgone aggregation box noted to provide quicker recovery, improve plant growth, and positively impact cancer. 

Many environments where high beneficial orgone energies can be detected would include waterfalls, nature reserve, after rainfall, etc. 

High amounts of negative/deadly orgone energy are observed in major cities, manufacturing zones, loads of electronics, and static conditions. 

His theories, though, we're faced with intense repression by the government at the time. He died back in 1957. 

Yet Wilhelm did not exist in the internet era, and his idea is essential to our society today, with digital technology triggering electronic pollution.

Harmful Side effects of EMF radiation

  • Tiredness and Anxiety

  • Migraine

  • Sleeplessness

  • Fog of the head

  • Cancer

  • Changes in DNA

  • Reduced immune system

  • Stress and Illness

Protection from EMF exposure

According to new studies, EMFs are capable of causing adverse health effects. Your mobile phone and gadgets should make you feel comfortable. 

It would be best to feel safe when you live around power lines since the EMF intensity is very low. Just undergo X-rays that are clinically required and restrict the sun's time to avoid high-level radiation and related risks. 

Instead of thinking about EMFs, you should be conscious of them and reduce their visibility. Place the cell down when you're not using it. Using the microphone or earbuds app so that it doesn't have to be through the ear. 

When you rest, keep your phone in some other place. Don't put your smartphone in a bag or a bra. Be mindful of potential ways to be exposed and removed from mobile gadgets and power and go hiking now and then.

Benefits of Triple strength EMF Protection directly on your phone


Our triple-strength EMF shield can consume any unstable lousy energy that may be in or reach the room and convert it into healthy positive energy, bringing it back into the world. It also allows other people to become safer.


Our EMF shield of triple intensity absorbs healthy environment energies and encourages negative ions that relax and manipulate our wrecking emotional soul.


Orgone Triple strength EMF shield Covers from tumor emission generating devices such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, laptops, cell towers from other electrical appliances, etc.


The crystal with the Orgone metal strengthens your seven chi that boosts your internal spiritual feeling.


Multi Tourmaline filters clean and converts heavy energy into smoother vibrations. It offers relief from tension and frustration.


This Triple Intensity EMF Shield, Optimistic Energy Promoter, makes the location more deeply rich, encouraging more potent relaxation.


Our Crystal Orgonite pyramid is made of the finest materials with a combination of Transparent Cast Resin, Copper Coil, Crystal Point Wrap with Copper Wire, Copper Flower of Life, etc.

Benefits of less exposure to EMF

Many typical consequences that have been identified from getting orgone energy at home as well as around you. 

  • Better sleep

  • Highly elevated mood 

  • Enhanced Endurance 

  • Vivid dreams 

  • Increased growth of plants

How does it work?

It was observed that different metal services combined but not interacting would generate photons in the distance when energized by electromagnetic radiation. 

As the study was conducted in vacuums, there was no energy generated by anything, and it was called the Zone point or the Scalar field. 

Scalar Fields heal the individual as they organize electromagnetic waves to become more unified and less distributed. 

The metal parts in the orgonite compound serve as metal, and the EMF from the atmosphere stimulates the scaler.

It cleans the harmful energies from the metal in the orgone where you have the orgone energy.

The quartz crystals, as well as other substances, is a part of an orgone energy substance. And has healing powers. The quartz crystal can concentrate and intensify the energy it brings to the balance of orgone energy.

Crystal Grids

 They are an incredibly excellent and effective form to express your wishes, aspirations, and desires. They are potent hearing aids, too. 

The crystal grid's strength derives from the collective energies of the crystals you use, the way you lay them out, and the goals you create. 

A crystal grid is a unique combination of crystals and stones used to manifest the desired effect. Bear in mind that the world likes to give us what we need, not necessarily what we hope. 

So it's best to concentrate on expressing a need vs. a wish, whether you want it to come true. Popular purposes that individuals use for crystal structures are for well-being, wealth, wellness, and security.

Final Words

Our orgone, by itself, is triple strength EMF properties. Orgone energy itself has the mitigation properties of EMF frequencies. 

Do the crystals that we add, such as shungite and black Tourmaline, and both have EMF frequency mitigation properties? 

Yes, these devices triple the strength of EMF mitigation frequencies. Keep your vibrations high by shielding yourself from EMF negative frequencies.

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