What is 5G?

2021 is almost starting; the fifth generation of wireless technology is likely to be broadly deployed worldwide. 

The latest 5G network aims to have faster internet and higher bandwidth using more smartphones. 

However, as corporations from markets such as the United States and China compete to be the first to offer 5G to customers, the global effect of the new network is ignored. 

When the world is most vulnerable, it is hazardous for future generations to ignore these effects.

The critical environmental problems involved with the introduction of the 5G network are developing several elements of the 5G system

The explosion of mobile applications that will use the 5G network related to user demand growth for new 5G-dependent technologies will have significant environmental implications.

The 5G network would eventually lead to a significant rise in energy demand by users, which is also one of the key contributors to climate change. 

In comparison, the development and maintenance of emerging technology associated with 5G produces pollution and uses valuable services that negatively affect the environment. 

5G networks use infrastructure that has adverse impacts on birds, which has a cascading effect across habitats. 

While 5G pioneers are looking to build a network with less environmental effects than prior networks, there is also development potential. The implications of 5G should be addressed before it is broadly implemented.

The Impact of 5G on Environment

There seems to be some indication that current 5G-associated applications and innovations would be detrimental to delicate habitats. 

Millimeter waves are the critical part of the 5G network that would impact Earth's habitats. The millimeter waves used in the 5G network production haven't been used on such a level before.

This makes it particularly difficult to know how the climate and specific habitats will be impacted. However, reports have found that there are inevitable losses incurred by these new developments.

The millimeter waves have been connected to several disruptions in birds' habitats. Researchers found that birds' eggs were mutilated after radiation exposure from a cell tower for just 5-30 minutes. 

The disfigurement of birds exposed to these frequencies over only a limited period is essential, provided that the current 5G network would have a significantly larger number of base stations (small cells) around regions in need of connection. 

The possible hazards of having too many small cells around places where birds live can cause whole populations of birds to have mutations that endanger their populations' viability. 

A study in Spain found that mating, breeding, and roosting were negatively affected by the cell tower's microwave radiation. 

Again, increasing the number of communicating conductors in the form of small cells to connect to the 5G network is seen to be detrimental to animals living among humans.

The cell towers' effect on species is crucial to consider, for all the world's habitats are interconnected. If one part of the environment is disturbed, the whole system will be impacted.

Bird problems with today's mobile towers would only escalate, as a more significant number of small cell radio-tower-like systems with 5G would be required to guarantee high-quality communications for subscribers. 

Having a more substantial number of high levels of these frequency bands in the form of small cells will cause broader exposure to bees and birds and potentially other organisms that are similarly important to our environment.

Are you an extension of an environment?

Yes, we are an extension of an environment. We can't exclude ourselves from the ground. Let suppose you are entering into a building you become a part of that building. Similarly, as we are living in this world, so we are part of this environment.

  • When we walk into a place according to our taste and mindset, we get positive vibrations from it. For example, natural areas, religious sites, etc.

  • When we walk into a place that is not according to our taste and mindset, we get negative vibrations. For example, noisy places

5G effects on humans

It is known that an increase in temperature is the most prominent biological consequence of electromagnetic radiation from cell phones. 

There are still fears that more indirect impacts, such as associations between long-term exposure and some forms of cancer, may exist. 

Nevertheless, although there are some indications from human and epidemiological trials, these are also uncertain.

The intensity of absorption into living tissue reduces as the level increases, so the skin and eyes become the primary organs of health interest, rather than the brain. 

The biggest challenge is that the power levels of cell and wireless telecommunications are deficient, causing temperature changes of a few tenths of a degree in the tissue at most. Therefore, picking up fundamental biological shifts is very difficult.

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