Real EMF Body Protection

What is EMF?

The electromagnetic field stands for EMF. Almost everything God made has an electric lot of its own. In comparison, the electric field of all man makes (i.e., electronic technology). It is a tangible kind of electricity, and the EMF levels are our cells' life for the human body.

Is the EMF bad for people?

The power generated from EMFs is electromagnetic radiation. Just like our body has healthy fats and unhealthy fats and beneficial sugars and harmful sugars for our diet, so there are strong EMF's for our body and harmful EMF's.

Why do that EMFs damage our bodies?

God has built a human body with unique EMF frequencies. Good tissue has these potent frequencies provided by God. Low or modified (various) frequencies are found in unhealthy or diseased tissue.

For different causes, our stable EMF frequencies become weak or distorted, but most likely from too much proximity to other EMF frequencies that are out of the reach of our perfect body frequencies.

For minimal to modest concentrations of electromagnetic radiation, this can occur over several years, or with too intense contact, it can occur suddenly. Once the safe frequencies are changed, health issues pass into other disorders such as cancer and fibromyalgia.

Associated health problems with EMF

The following list identifies illnesses and health conditions that are as a direct consequence of or directly associated with electromagnetic radiation exposure. 

Bear in mind that sensitivity to EMF radiation, whether electrical, electromagnetic, microwave, or ionizing radiation, can affect all health conditions to some extent, as it weakens the immune system, strains the body, and kills healthy cells.

Alzheimer's, fibromyalgia, chronic exhaustion, daily headaches, brain tumors, hypertension, cardiac attacks, chest pain, sleeplessness, allergy, electro-sensitivity (ES) / electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), multiple sclerosis, hypertension, brain fog, ADD/ADHD, forgetfulness, stomach disturbances, migraines, lymphoblastic leukemia, tension, muscular dystrophy, weakness, skin diseases

Are Humans Part of Nature?

Yes, we are a part of nature. We can't exclude ourselves from the heart. Let suppose you are entering into a building you become a part of that building. Similarly, as we are living in this world, so we are part of this environment.


Through putting orgone in and around your house, you will become conscious of the extraordinary difference they will bring between you and your surroundings. Furthermore, these organ devices are both exquisite and functional.

They are easy to use, blend for any life, are suitable for both young and old, and do not need to use an instruction manual or special preparation.

At an incredibly high degree, each orgone vibrates and dramatically enhances the aura and defends against tension, negative energy, and dangerous electromagnetic radiation. In our bodies, it boosts the flow of energy and serves as a therapeutic medicine.

Many individuals position them in or near locations where they rest to reinforce the area's positive energies. While fostering a continuous positive field, the orgone repels the negative to help them unwind after a busy day.

To help with anxiety and sleep well, the orgone can be put under your bed, on your nightstand. It's also a perfect way to bring good energy with you outside your home or workplace to have orgone in your purse or wallet.


  • Work constantly

  • Transform toxic energy into constructive energy

  • Purify the environment

  • Help plants grow more robust and repel pests.

  • Disarm and hold away predatory ways of life and energy

  • Inspire the right mindset and balanced, healthier moods

  • Replicate insomnia and persistent nightmares regularly.

  • Disturb DOR from mobile phone towers and other transmitting towers

  • Help awaken the inherent senior psychic.


Orgone goods are necessary spiritual instruments that can be used psychologically, socially, mentally, and spiritually to strengthen all aspects of your life. 

They can better be described as Universal Energy transmitters, often referred to as Source Energy, Ether, or Zero Point Energy. The power behind all creation is this.

Orgone energy has the potential to immediately turn any negative, inert, or "dead" orgone (chi, life force energy) into its "healthy" life-sustaining form at an ecological level. 

It will consume any unstable negative energy that could come into your room and convert it into healthy positive energy, bringing it back into the world. It will help to maintain the points going, optimistic, and clean in your house. 

By being in this area of positive life energies, an individual feels a sense of health, greater peace, and encouraging personal and spiritual development aspirations.

The idea is that our energy field is stressed by' destructive' forces, allowing us to experience tension at an implicit level. 

Once these "negative" forces are turned into "positive" energy, so we will have more calm in our lives, and the stressor is gone. 

Mobile phones/cell phone antennas, gravitational fields, and pessimistic individuals' minds are said to be generating these "negative" forces (and our previous negative patterns of behavior).

Orgone energy can communicate with your body on a personal and metaphysical basis, acting directly on your meridians and chakras, cleaning out obstructions, and amplifying your life force. 

Experiments using muscle checking, dowsing, aura images, and with the assistance of psychics and energetically receptive individuals have demonstrated this. 

There are several feedbacks from individuals discovering these advantages. You will feel benefits in all aspects of physical health and spiritual growth as your meridians and chakras are clear, and your life force is strengthened.

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