What is Orgone Energy, and how it works? EMF PROTECTION

Orgone is generated by blending organic and inorganic materials capable of harnessing and amplifying this vital life force energy so that you can experience a feeling of it. Orgone Energy is the real EMF protection. 

Chi energy is a universal life force energy that gives rise to time-space itself, its substance of the material, and all of its living species. 

Power is divine and does not exist with our minds; however, by the EMF protected simple chakra energy mechanism, the body absorbs this energy, and so it expresses itself externally. 

The cause of all objects rotating in electromagnetic and gravitational regions is orgone force. Orgone energy EMF protection is drawn to orgone energy quantities. 

Unlike electricity or heat that often leads from a higher area of potential to a lower potential area, orgone energy real EMF protection flows from the lower area of potential to a place of higher potential. 

The idea of Orgone energy EMF body protection started to be accepted by the finest scientific brains of the 20th century. 

Until Western Europe and US state agencies moved to use incarceration and censorship to prohibit scientific literature from rendering one of the significant developments of modern medicine vanish almost completely. 

Orgone energy EMF body protection comprises two mechanisms. Positive orgone energy and negative Orgone energy.


Yes, humans are proven by science completely vibrational beings. Vibration is all that occurs. Each one of us is made of energy. We feel lighter, hopeful, and happier when our frequency increases, but we eventually feel low, sad, afraid, and nervous when it declines.

After both, all of us are human, and we feel a spectrum of feelings regularly. It's perfectly natural to feel sad, furious, modest, cheerful, happy, etc. But these feelings flow into us quickly as we boost our vibration, rather than being trapped inside, as they usually seem to.

Growing the pulse is not about being relaxed and in a happy place all the time. It's about the adjustment of the planet's frequency. Our frequency is defined by the way we speak about ourselves and others.

Feelings of High vibrational mode

  • For the most part, you are delighted, energized, excited, and hopeful.

  • You're beginning to draw happy minds and festive times to your life.

  • There is a greater awareness when an unfortunate circumstance happens that it is for your benefit and safety.

Signs that you are moving towards a High vibrational frequency mood


The first one to check is whether or not you agree with the world's perception and how it works. And the fact that you've risen means that you can maintain yourself above those that haven't yet awoken. 

If you assume that there is some justification for patronizing others' thoughts, the odds are that you have not yet begun to empower yourself. You understand that there is a greater level of awareness that allows one to make life easier for oneself and those around us.


Second, focused on our perception of ourselves and the universe in which we live, an essential indication of elevated vibrational frequency that we may note. 

If you see nature as a bunch of rocks, bricks, people, and mundane things, you have not yet awakened to the point of opening your eyes to the truth. 

On the other hand, if you look out and see yourself as human awareness of a divine soul, note the goodness and brightness of all creation as observed in almost all (yes, even blackness is lovely). You have achieved a marginally increased form of comprehension.


A third teller is how we handle relationships with individuals, mostly linked to educational experiences or teaching. 

We're not rising yet if we enter relationships with our ego in the middle and have a guided aim to persuade them of our beliefs or tell them that theirs is false. This is not only that we are less cynical or less offensive (less violent power, maybe). 

And being of a higher consciousness implies we are less suspicious or less violent. Still, the opportunity to avoid imposing our resentment towards others and the emphasis is more towards your development than theirs. To understand that training is training and not preaching, so to say.


The fourth assumption I would like to note is highly significant in understanding spiritual development: you find yourself experiencing self-love. It will allow you to achieve a higher form of awareness and realize that anything happens in your life. 

No longer consider yourself to uphold a reputable degree of "greatness" and getting angry at yourself for not handling it. An individual need to see the universe as it is to develop spiritually: magnificent and astonishingly flawed. 

And you will never be accepted as a part of the universe either. A sure indication that ascension and elevating to a vibrational energy level are in the process is for one to pursue loving oneself, worrying for oneself consciously, and to change oneself. That is, as long as it isn't condescending at the same time.


  • Most of the time, you are moody, gloomy, lethargic, furious, nervous, and scared.

  • Often, negative individuals flock to you.

  • 'Why me' approach.

  • Often, you practice the blame game.

  • "You still criticize yourself and sometimes use pessimistic terms such as "I'm cursed, life hurts, my body doesn't like me, etc.


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  • Orgone EMF radiation protection shield purifies the environment, transmuting negative energy into beneficial energy, benefiting sleep and wellbeing overall, promoting plant growth, improving mentally and intuitively, and balancing chakras.

  • EMF radiation shield helps in stagnant, negative transmuting mitigates toxic EMF radiation, purify the environment, transmute negative energy into positive energy, advantage sleep, and optimal health, and promote plant development.

  • EMF body protection orgone energy promotes passion, courage, power, healing, calm, clarity, inspiration, wealth, and prosperity intentions.

Simple Tips to Increase your vibrations and protect yourself from EMF frequencies.

  • Gratitude is the best way to improve vibration and protecting yourself from EMF frequencies. Be happy about small things, such as good health, excellent food, family, etc.

  • Respect yourself and enjoy it. Respect your shortcomings as much as your assets love you.

  • Avoid being surrounded by negativity, malicious personalities, news, and gossip. All this will help you to get rid of low negative vibration, causing EMF frequencies.

  • Non-judgment-Know that we are all on this journey of compassion to understand and embrace others. Let everything flow; don't be a freak of influence.

  • Positive expression usage. With kindness, speak about yourself and others.

  • Away from social media, step away. It is a pit. Many of the couples in the photographs which look smiling are battling. The picture of the perfect selfies is heavily photoshopped.

  • Spend some time on yourself, go inside, and give your family more attention.

  • Get some fun. More laughs. Live in the moment.

  • The key to a balanced body and mind is the workout. Thanks to orgone energy helping us to get rid of EMF vibration.

  • Eat foods with higher vibrations, such as fresh fruits, herbs, nuts, beans. Keep away from fruit, meat and sodas, processed, bottled, frozen.

  • Only listen to music. Sound elevates you and facilitates a closer bond with your supreme self.

  • Living in high frequency does not guarantee an end to bad days, but it certainly promises a happier life, making you feel one in a million.

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